Hello folks...
I´d like to know if any one has some tip or tecnique to hep me improve my listening...i know there are tons here...but the problem is.....i have no problems, (writing), speaking and listening fast when it is personally...however... some musics, movies and tv shows....i need to rewind over and over and o don´t get some words. To have an idea i don´t catch all the portuguese words some times said fastly. It seems wierd, but it is true.
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Hello Juliana,

The most important thing in this case is how much time and contact you have with the language in the listening aspect.Don´t be too anxious to be able to understand everything foreigners say.Take your time.I also had the same difficulty.Don´t give up!

Best wishes!
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Hi folks!

I have the same problems, but sometimes I think my problem is gettinso longer than I expected ! :(
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Hi folks,

You´ve got to be patient and never give up!Success with a second language takes some time.

good luck!