Hello folks!

Take a look at this expressions.

Sailing ----> Travel in a boat that is powered by wind
For a little while -----> for a short amout of time
Take a dip -----> a swim
Doddy-paddling ------> swim like a dog
Breast stroke -------> way of swimming where the person moves the arms and legs in a half circle in front of them; like a frog.
straight towards ------> directly in the direction of something

Take care :D
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Avatar do usuário timphillips 590 8
Hi Racco

Great list :D
Doddy-paddling can also be doggy-paddling
e.g. I can swim breast stroke, back stroke, front crawl and doggy paddle.

"Take a dip"
And how about "skinny dipping" to swim with no swimwear

I'm sorry...

I mean Doggy paddling.****
Avatar do usuário Donay Mendonça 56970 22 95 1360
Hello racco18,

Nice tip!

Keep posting!