Weekend Immersion Course in Curitiba

Weekend Immersion Course will finally be held in Curitiba! Don´t miss this opportunity to fine tune your English!

In this course, you will have a chance to get your English as close to native English speakers as never before. You will learn English skills rarely found in non-native English speakers (e.g. superior level pronunciation skills, complex structures, etc) in just one weekend. Intended for both intermediate and advanced level English speakers.

When: Oct 31 (in the evening), Nov 1 (the whole day), Nov 2 (in the morning)

Where: Rockfeller Hotel - Curitiba/PR - Brazil

More information: 42 3224 5337 / 41 8433 3340

Investment: R$350,00 (including 3 day course + material)

Don´t miss it!
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