What are you doing next weekend?

What are you doing next weekend?
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Question: What are you doing next weekend?


- I have nothing special planned for next Saturday. On Sunday my family will get together to celebrate my grandma’s birthday.

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kungfuadam 5
This weekend I plan to travel about four hours by car to the mountains in western North Carolina. This is a good time of year where it is cool, and the trees are showing fall colors. It will be very nice.
Ravenna 3
I'll spend my next weekend...at home...reading, studying, watching TV or just sleeping! =)
I'll wake up very early on Saturday because I have English classes. After that maybe I'll swim a little and go back home to play some computer games. On Sunday I'll spend my day reading or watching movies with my girlfriend.
On Saturday I go to work
On Sunday I wanna stay at my home, probably I going to study English ! =)
Next week I will have tests on Tuesday and Friday, so I am going to study hard for them the whole week. I will also have English classes on Monday and Wednesday, chess class on Wednesday, and Spanish class on Saturday morning (like I had today).

There is other important thing I am going to do next week: I am going to look for a place that provides piano classes. I like piano very much and I want to learn it!
Next week, I will have a presentation for my coworkers about our job in the Ceramics with the metodoly, Cleaner Production.
Hi Folks!

Next weekend, I and my wife go clean our house :D

Arandir 2
I don't know but I think I'll go out with friends to go for a walk
Somebody has to work here, so, I'll work all weekend!
I'm work on saturday morning and after that i will go to a friends barbecue.
I don't know exactly what I'm going to do during the weekend,maybe I'm going to lie in my bed and watch TV.
Have a nice weekend to everybody!
Logan18 1
Really I don't know what I'm going to do on the next weekend but, I think I should study more english to improve it. Because today many canadians were been here in my office and I couldn't communicate well, I got scared and so embarrassed when they asked me for help with a simple printing paper.

If I made some mistake, sorry, I'm learning yet.
I only want to sleep in this weekend! But I'll work on saturday and sunday I'll receive visitors in my home,. So, to sleep is not an alternative xD
I'm going to study because I'm going to have test.
On Sunday I'm going to a wedding with my family
My next weekend I'm visiting my parents and I also for the beach. The night I'll invite my parents to go eat pizza and listen to good music.
Next weekend I will be studying hard.
Next weekend... I don't have anything to do, but study, study and study! I have a test day 17 (October), to be admitted in on High School, a Military School of Belo Horizonte, and also CEFET on 12/12 (Dec) and COLTEC on 11/21 (Nov)!
I'm going to travel for Fernando de Noronha.
I Hope I will be very happy for have passed my exams... in this case, drinking lots of beer... if not... I will still drink lots of beer... hehehehe
On my next weekend I intend to go out with my daughter.
Next week I'm going to work as I used to do.. I don't have any plans yet.. But, for sure I'm going to my English Conversation Class on Monday and Wednesday . That's all!!
I'm going to visit my family on Saturday morning, in the afternoon I think I will watch movies but at night I will study English.
On Sunday maybe I wiil wake up late afer that. I will clean my roon , at nigh I maybe wiil to Church.
I hope to spend the whole weekend playing GTA V, man its gonna be great =)
Hello everybody! Well,next weekend I'll study a lot.
I going to the mall
I will go out next weekend.
On Saturday I go to work
On Sunday I wanna stay at my home, probably I going to study English and play Watch Dogs in my Playstation 3
I don't know yet. Maybe work...