What are you doing next weekend?

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Question: What are you doing next weekend?


- I have nothing special planned for next Saturday. On Sunday my family will get together to celebrate my grandma’s birthday.

Now it's your turn!

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Avatar do usuário kungfuadam 130 5
This weekend I plan to travel about four hours by car to the mountains in western North Carolina. This is a good time of year where it is cool, and the trees are showing fall colors. It will be very nice.
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Avatar do usuário Ravenna 70 3
I'll spend my next weekend...at home...reading, studying, watching TV or just sleeping! =)
I'll wake up very early on Saturday because I have English classes. After that maybe I'll swim a little and go back home to play some computer games. On Sunday I'll spend my day reading or watching movies with my girlfriend.
On Saturday I go to work
On Sunday I wanna stay at my home, probably I going to study English ! =)
Next week I will have tests on Tuesday and Friday, so I am going to study hard for them the whole week. I will also have English classes on Monday and Wednesday, chess class on Wednesday, and Spanish class on Saturday morning (like I had today).

There is other important thing I am going to do next week: I am going to look for a place that provides piano classes. I like piano very much and I want to learn it!
Next week, I will have a presentation for my coworkers about our job in the Ceramics with the metodoly, Cleaner Production.
Hi Folks!

Next weekend, I and my wife go clean our house :D

Avatar do usuário Arandir 65 2
I don't know but I think I'll go out with friends to go for a walk
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Somebody has to work here, so, I'll work all weekend!
I'm work on saturday morning and after that i will go to a friends barbecue.