What do you think about entertainment books to learn?

Hi buddies, good morning.

How are you?

I was thinking about some books in english and walked in shopping and book stores but I not found a interesting book to learn.
I found one book that has expensive price, and try where I found this book. At airport Congonhas.

What is book of entertainment, romance, dramma, Do you recommend to me?

Thanks and Hugs ,
BYE :)

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Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k
Hi Igor,

I think this kind of book is an excellent way for people to improve their English. I believe you can find them at "second hand bookstores"(lojas de livros usados), there you will be able to get them at a lower price, and you will also find lots of interesting things without having to pay much; some of these bookstores even exchange books with customers. I think you should try to read stuff about current events, like sports, music, cinema, fashion, and American politics.

Bye! See ya!
Hi, good evening.

Heheh, thanks Donay. Absolutely, Cameron Diaz and Gisele is a great option.

byem THANKS!
Donay Mendonça 22 107 1.6k
Hello Igor,


That´s all folks!
Hi there,

I recommend all Dickens and Shakespeare books! There is a lot more, you know that right?

But those authors are really good so take a look.
OEstudantedeIngles 2 16 113
Livros são a melhor forma de melhorar a compreensão do Inglês escrito!

Agora estou lendo o "The Spook's sacrifice' o sexto livro das 'Wardstone chronicles'

Recomendo muito esse livro pra quem está no nível intermediário.
Bem, estou lendo no momento um livro chamado motivation hacker. É uma área que gosto, na verdade é pra ajudar meus estudos. Não o gosto muito de ler aqueles livros de acordo com seu nível, acho meio infantil. De qualquer forma, costumo ouvir uma história com o texto tipo conto em inglês no lingq.
A última que ouvi foi bem legal você tipo quer saber o final da história meio que viciante Hahaha. Espero ter ajudado.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
I have read John Grisham a lot, 16 or so novels from 2012 up to now (it´s a bit lawyerish, but the guy have some interesting story-telling skills).

Then I have read David Baldacci, Alvin Toffler, Agatha Christie, Adam Hall, Allison Pearson (a more comtemporary author), Alexander McCall Smith, Burt Hirschfeld (Fire Island - a novel), Tom Clancy, Candace Bushnell, Aron Ralston (127 Hours - Between a Rock and a Hard Place ) I´ll read when I find it in my messy things, Carmen Bin Ladin, Cecily Von Ziegezar, Colin Forbes, Colleen McCullough, Chip Heath/ Dan Heath, Daniel Silva, Daniele Steel, Dean Koontz, Eric Hobsbawm (The Age of Extremes), Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love), George Orwell, J.K. Gailbraith (Money whence it came, where it goes), Joseph McNamara (The First Directive - a novel), Irving Stone (Depths of Glory - a bio of Camille Pisaro - a painter), Ken Follet, Michael Crichton, Vikas Swarup (Slumdog Millionaire), Penguim Mini Books (mini version of Beowulf and of The Ilíad.), Tom Clancy, Terry Pratchet (Going Postal - a funny and entertaining fiction book.), Stieg Larsson, Francis Roe, Orhan Pamuk...

Those constitute some thirty percent of those that I read (ecletic bunch, eh?), and I have more than a novel/book from some of them. Not to mention companion books, some about English Idioms, textbooks, grammar, and sites, etc.

So, I am not the guy to answer your question fairly, everything English seems like entertainment to me! but I admit that books can put many guys to sleep!
Anyway, should I have to give you one answer it would be, entertainment books can be a tool to train your English and build up some vocabulary as well. But then, you have to use some of your spare (or sometimes not so spare) time, it have to be of your liking and it depends on your learning style. Or even your prefferences or pocket size (granted, I really have bought second-hand books/novels).
One can learn English in a lot of ways, believe me; reading novels, entertainment, etc, is only one of them.