What do you usually have for breakfast?

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I'm really do not like to breakfast, because I study in afternoon and I usually wake up late, above 10:00 am and I don't feel like eating anything, then practically I don't have a breakfast, but when I do, I eat bread and butter with coffee, it's great combination.
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I usually have milk, cereal and banana.
I usually have bread with butter and a cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate
Avatar do usuário ENG_rafael 10
Usually I have some cookies, or a banana, with some fresh milk. I don´t use to eat a lot during this meal, which isn´t recommended, by the way :!:
I usually have cookies wih a cup with chocolate and milk.
I usually have for breakfast cereal,panckes and orange juice.Sometimes I have a a sandwich with tuna but i prefer a lot of fruits in the morning.
The breakfast is a important meal for everyone and we should eat health food.
Avatar do usuário Amanda Silva Amaral 15 1
Usually put some butter on the bread and then I put on a frying pan to melt the butter. I prepare milk with chocolate powder, and I have both together. :)
I usually have bread with butter and a cup(Or two(I love Milk!)) of milk.
Avatar do usuário EugenioTM 320 9
I have everyday bread with cheese, ham and jam, some fruit, juice. Milk with cereals from time to times. But man, I'd love to have that breakfast table on the picture in the first message!!
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When I have breakfast I usually eat bread with butter, cheese, ham, milk, hot chocolat and orange juice.