Adverb "clearly": function in two sentences

- I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.

- You clearly have not understood what I just said.

The adverb "clearly" expresses what function in the two sentences?

a) frequency and degree
b)comment and frequency
c) linking and manner
d) manner and comment

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In my opinion it is letter d , because in "I can see clearly now", clearly is an adverb of manner, it is especifying the way the person sees sth. And also because of its positions, I mean, adverbs of manner are put after the direct object (or after the verb if there's no direct object). ... 5zW8pRdWSo

And in "You clearly have not understood what I just said", clearly is a comment adverb. Comment and viewpoint adverbs add information about the speaker's opinion of events.
See the explanation: ... oint.shtml
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