Advise x Advice: Qual a diferença

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Hello there,

Another little hint to contribute and maybe also help. It´s common to have a doubt between the words "advise" and "advice". Please, take care with them.
- Advise (verb): give information or notice to. Example: I advise her almost everyday.
- Advice (noun): a proposal for an appropriate course of action. Example: Yesterday, I gave her an excellent advice.

- Advise: aconselhar; avisar; informar.
- Advice: aviso; conselho.

Best Regards,

Felipe Daniel Haag
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Hello. When I read, "It´s common to have a doubt between the words advise and advice" I understood, "speakers commonly waver between the words advise and advice when it comes to counsel." I may have made a wrong assertion, in which case please advise.
"I gave her an excellent piece of advice" sounds much better since the word "advice" is uncountable just like information, equipment, furniture.. Etc..