Beach, country or city? Why?

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All, since I'm with my friends :D
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Any place, since my family's with me! ^^

Because I'm a Civil Engineering and I am fascinated with buildings and constructions. And nowadays, the technology is increasingly being used in modern methods of construction. In this way buildings and bridges are getting more and more beautiful. ;)
Each one have good characteristics. In my opinion beach always vocation; country is a ideal place to live; and city a great point to weekend.

If I lived a town near a metropolis, and wasted 1 hour to arrive a beach would be nice!
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Well, As I see it, Living in a big city you can get more opportunities and do interesting things that you probably would not be able to do in a little town. if I had the opportunity of going to the countryside for a little time I'd seize it though. But living in a small city, no that's not for me..
I love Beach! The tranquility, the nature and the sound of waves, everything is amazing. it is the fully the opposite of big cities. One day, If I have enough money, I would like to live in a quiet beach, where doesn't exist traffic jams, polution, and people have time to speak each other.
Country, for sure! I can't stand the noisy and crowded streets with all that crazy traffic like in our big cities. I´m to stressed for it.
The perfect place? A small town with some snowy mountains in the background and beetwen, one hour distance, from a beach and a big city. Would it be asking too much!?