Beach, country or city? Why?

Beach, country or city? Why?
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Flavia.lm 1 10 96
Question: Beach, country or city? Why?


- I can't imagine myself far from the vibrant atmosphere of the city;
- I like to enjoy country life and feel closer to nature sometimes.

Now it's your turn!
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murilo91 1 9
CITY of course!!!!!!! beach and the country side is cool as well, but for a short time!

I love towns, buildings, bridges, highways!

Tell us about you now ;)
Murilo says it all. I would never change the city for something else in this world.

The others are just an option to unwind.

maryziller 1 2
The city life attracts me, too. I did a wiziq class on country life for the Learning English online classes.

They have started charging a $39 one time registration fee for the LEO classes, but if you need a scholarship, you may ask for one. ... he-country
Country, because It's the best place to relax.
josneywat 6
I like beach, country and city the same. It really depends on the month I consider.
I can´t imagine I living in country side, The city is crazy, there are traffic, violence, theft, but I love it.
Beach, I like, but for weekend, When I wanna rest
Logan18 1
I prefer I living in the city, because here there are many things to do, we can enjoy with many possibilities to have fun...
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
No accounting for taste, but I'd ideally live at the beach. As a matter of fact, I used to live 80 meters away from the seashore. I love the sound of the high tide washing ashore. But living so close to the seashore has a price, that one of having to continually send to the repair shop electrical domestic appliances as they last considerably less because of the corrosive sea salt that travels into the house.

Then, on top of that, seashore dwellers may have to have good, strong legs in case a tsunami comes. Those who live 13 meters under the sea level know the damage monster tsunamis can cause. Imagine what a stealthy, 500-meter-tall tsunami can do to Recife, which like most Brazilian cities lacks an evacuation program. If onesuch tidal wave ever hits here, many will die including me. Surfboard anyone?
Here is another one I can have fun with, Beach, Country, or City, at least before the oil spill.

Our house has a fenced back yard of about 200 square meters, and we have another 200 square meters of unfenced yard, so it is like being in the country.

We are about 400 meters from a city bus stop, and within 20 minutes driving time of two major shopping centers, the government offices, historic downtown and the Port of Pensacola. There are four major hospitals within 20 minutes diving time, so we live in the city.

We are within 25 minutes driving time of three beaches and within 45 minutes of three more, so we live near the beach.

All times are for driving a car, on the Harley the times can be reduced. :D

Therefore, for the purposes of this question, I submit that we live in a country home, near the beaches, in the city. :lol:
Marcio_Farias 1 24 213
w.slayman escreveu:[...]There are four major hospitals within 20 minutes diving time, [...]
I take it you must wear special diving gear to do it.

Yes it does require special gear :lol: , It should have read driving time not diving :oops: , This just provesthat I need help with the English language also, and need to proof my posts better.

Thanks for pointing out my error, and the next time you see one please let me know.
I prefer city , I like this atmosfere , the noises , the fun , the traffic , in the end I love SP.
renatinha31 escreveu:I prefer city , I like this atmosfere , the noises , the fun , the traffic , in the end I love SP.

If I may modify your post to read: "I prefer the city, and its atmosphere, noises, fun, and traffic. In the final analysis I love Sao Paulo."

NOTE: The repeated use of "the" is redundant and two sentences work slightly better here. While almost anyone who has been to SP or meet a Paulista will know SP means Sao Paulo, not all gringos will.
I like city for buying anything, find some friends, get out with my girlfriend...

but I like beach, because it's a good place for relaxing :)
LeandroRoberto escreveu:I like city for buying anything, find some friends, get out with my girlfriend...

but I like beach, because it's a good place for relaxing :)
I think the following would work and flow a little better.

I like the city for: buying almost anything, making new friends, going out with my girlfriend; but on the other hand I like the beach because it is a good place to relax.
I haven't any preference, I like the three ones, sometimes I like to go to the beach, relax and enjoy a little bit, or appreciate the nature, breathing fresh air, but I know that my life is in the city, my education and parents are there.
Beach and country for walking,for a short time; city to live, but a city with good quality of life.
Adriano Japan 2 20
Actually I´ve spent 2 decades (I´m 23yo now) thinking I could not never ever leave the frenzied Sao Paulo (a loucura de sp) for a small city, or beach, for instance.
But after my very first exchange abroad, without living in a huge metropolis like NY or Tokyo, I´ve found the `countryside` can be cool sometimes ;)
So,if you want to hear,my answer is half-country/half-city.
A place where you can have fun, but free from crowds and stress. A place surrounded by snow mountains you can ski 6 months a year :D
Country, because there is wet weather, trees a lot and cold weather.
For sure, I would rather live in city, since it is where we can find plenty of opportunities, professional perspectives, goods and so on. As our friends told, beach is where we rest or take a day off. Country side, where I have lived for my entire life, is a good kind of place to live in, but it has boundaries that city doesn't have, in addition to what I have already written, like entertainment deficit.

In fact, as I mentioned, I have lived in a country side and I enjoy it, nevertheless, it would be a lot better if I lived in a city, due to my targets. When I finish college, I intend to leave my town and move in to São Paulo, or some city like it, since over here there are no huge job opportunities, studies centres and entertainment alternatives. I have huge purposes, therefore, living over here is just a question of time, I will live in a city, write it!

See you fellows!
I love live in the city, but I would like living in the beach, in front of sea.
For me the matter is definitely between country and city. The beach is not my favourite place to be. I live in the city, the biggest city in Brazil, and despite of its problems I wouldn't like to live in a very calm place. Unless of course in case I'm on vacation...then I would enjoy spending some time in the country.
I prefer the beach, since I love to sleep listening to the sound of the waves.
I'd rather live in the city, you know. There a lot of things to do here. I can go to the movies, parks etc. My father has a house in the country, I've never been there.
I love cities. Because in cities we have everything we need. Moreover in beaches and countries doesn't have internet and without it and can't live. But I may like a little of country 'cuz of the animals, I really love animals.
It's a hard issue. Well, I love city (Sao Paulo is my big passion),
but I like so much of cold, so, country, or mountain, is really exciting as well! :D
Always there is a silver linning for everything, well, actually, i enjoy going to the beach in the summer to refresh my body from the hot days, but when i go there i also make hay worthwhile the sunshine, i mean i enhance the good moments to throw my self into the water and to reach the bay to go fishing there. What a better way to pull up some snook fishes, mutter fishes and sword fishes the fight with them is good enough. Huhuhuhu!
Now, country, i mean to travel abroad, is necessary to have enough money to afford the expences abroad and moreover, is necessary to get time to do it. Cities, i appreciate travelling to some cities to explore some cultures, meeting different people from all over the places aswell.
I like the countryside, because I can't spend my money there, when i'm in the city everything that I see I want buy! Ha ha ha! I am an economic girl!!!!!
City , Because i can study , work and talk with my friends