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Dear all,

I've just received my e-lessons from Macmillan and read: "February is dedicated to Brazil English in the Macmillan Dictionary Blog. We start with a guest post on the creativity of Brazinglish. Come and visit for entertaining and interesting posts, more about this week’s BuzzWord, and the latest language news from around the globe."

How sad that we are remembered by our "creativity" :( ... standings/

The article is interesting, anyway.
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Learning to Speak Brazinglish

What's that in Brazinglish? As the 2014 World Cup approaches more and more Portuguese-to-English translations are appearing. Learn more about this unique language hybrid here - The New York Times - November 8, 2013.
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Whoa! no so fast!
Aren´t we being so hard on ourselves now? I have seen Americans and British statements in interviews (on Speak Up magazine and other medias) with the good ole "sic" beside some non-standard English.
Granted, more Americans than British people (when there are flaws in the latter English, usually comes from Indians, or people of others countries visiting/living in the country).
It´s also well known that Japanese, Indians and others peoples also "invent" some words when in touch with English. So, it´s not a luxury of Brazilians, he he.
Cold comfort, perhaps, but we (or many of us) even don´t know our own language. As shown by the sign in front a house in a city in the sticks of Brazil that read "ensina-se português e vende-se calvão."
Well, we will get there someday! Brazil has been recently the buzzword abroad, sort of. Let´s see if it will seize the opportunity and redistribute it riches, value its culture and decrease inequality. I hope so.
As for English, that is my hobby, for that matter. The learning of it will improve when the wealth in general increases. Maybe we have to learn something from Europe, Asia and beyond.