Coke or Pepsi? Which one do you prefer?

Coke is the best of all! Her taste is unique!
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None of them. I prefer "Guaraná Pureza", a local soft drink in my area. The best ever! :D
I don't like soft drink I prefer juice or water
I don't drink soda.
I prefer coke
I prefer Coke 'cos Pepsi has medicament taste ( in my opinion, of course) haha.
Anyway, I can't drink soda :(
I love coke.
Pepsi is disgusting.
I prefer Pepsi, because coke is worse for teeth.
I prefer Coke. I don't like Pepsi.
I prefer Coke.I like coke
What is Coke? - do you know it?
I prefer Coke
I don't like coke.I like guarana...
Usually I try to avoid any kind of soda. But I prefer Coke than Pepsi. I believe that Coke is the most traditional soda around the world.
I prefer coke, because it is delicious. I always drink coke!!! :lol:
I prefer coke
I even like coke and pepsi. but I can not take because it contains sugar.
I prefer Coca cola.
I don't like none of these kind of beverages, they are unhealthy.
You should try any natural juice.(hehe)

However, everybody I know would rather choose coke.
I prefer Coke. Pepsi is so bad!
I prefer pepsi, but at the moment I'm drinking juice only.
Usually I don't drink any kind of soda, because sodas have a lot of sugar.
Hi there!!
Neither of the two options... Usually, I prefer Fanta! :)
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Well, I rarely drink pepsi, in my opinion coke's better.
I love pepsi