Como dizer "Cortar a água" em inglês


Como eu posso dizer "Cortar a água" em inglês? Eu sei que cortar nessa ocasião pode ser traduzido como "cut off". Mas para mim parece que não está muito correto a colocação "cut off water". Eles dizem assim mesmo, ou há uma outra expressão mais apropriada para isso?

Thanks (:

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Thomas 7 60 290
E o contexto?

I forgot to pay the water bill, and the water company cut/turned off the water.

If you have finished in the garden, would you like me to turn off the water?
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Relacionado às contas, também posso colocar "water supply" (abastecimento de água)?

Por exemplo: The water company cut/turned off the water supply.

Pra dizer isso, além das opções turn off e cut off, também tem shut off.
Thomas 7 60 290
WATER SUPPLY is used usually in the sense of a water tank, a water reservoir, tunnels, pipelines, maybe a well or a ake, etc. If the water company turns/cuts/shuts off the water, I doubt that anyone would add "supply" unless they were military or police. It just "doesn't sound right". If the enemy attacks a city and prevents water from reaching it, yes, I would expect to read that it "cut off the water supply".

These comments remind me of an old joke. "To turn off" can mean something like "não gostar" or "perder interêsse". (When she spat on the sidewalk, she really turned me off. - ...I lost all interest in her) And "to turn on" means something between "excitar" and "interessar". Context is everything. (I had no interest in botany until I met the new teacher. She is a doll! Now I'm turned on." - Now I am very interested. It turns me on to see her wearing shorts. - I become romantically attracted to her when she wears shorts.)

Things you like are turn-ons, and things you don't like are turn-offs.

So, here is the joke.

First hippy - "Hey, man! Turn on the radio!"
Second hippy - "Radio, I really love you..."