Como dizer "Curva de rio" em inglês

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Dá-se o nome de curva de rio à pessoa que atrai para junto de si todos os maus elementos de um lugar, como uma curva de rio onde todas as tranqueiras, as sujeiras enroscam.

Em inglês, algo semelhante?

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I can think of "trouble magnet", that is a magnet for trouble.
But Urban Dictionary, which is not polite or something; express it with "sh*t magnet".
Ref. litizen

Any person, in which trouble and drama, follows them everywhere they go.
Source: Urban Dictionary

Plus "...someone who finds trouble and likes it." (Urban Dictionary). I would say "whether he likes it or not".

In another context one also uses "he/she means (or meant) trouble".
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A "walking lightning rod" is also used in this sense nowadays. Only that with the meaning of someone that "attracts problems" but (usually) not by joining the wrong crowd or "bringing that unto themselves".
No, it's the ones that simply "attracts" such troubles.

A "lightning rod" meaning is still in dictionaries as someone that takes the blame in the place of someone else, but it seems as it have evolved into this new meaning as well.
Ref. urbandictionary
A person with negagence is a walking lightning rod for bad luck.

Okay, many would say that it's Urban Dictionary and that it's not always a good source, that it not always has cred. So, here goes another example from the fresh novel book (suspense genre) Death Wears a Beauty Mask (by Mary Higgins Clark):

Elvira had been a walking lightning rod. First she went to the famous Cypress Point Spa in California and nearly got murdered. Then they (*) had gone on a cruise togheter and - wouldn't you know - the man who sat next to them at the community table in the dining room ended up dead as a mackerel.

[*] They = Elvira and her hubby.