Como dizer "e tome chuva, e tome bomba etc." em inglês

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"A chuva tá lavando a cidade; ontem choveu o dia inteiro; hoje a chuva ainda não parou; amanhã a meteorologia prevê mais [chuva]... e tome chuva!"

"quando será a execução do BUSH?? Kkkkkk….. O iraque já é uma m*rda com a execução do saddam os sunitas vão ficar ainda mais revoltados, e tome bomba nas mesquitas xiitas!"

"O governo instituiu um imposto sobre o tráfego de bicicletas na contramão, outro para consumo excessivo de martini on the rocks antes das 16h, outro para consumo excessivo de ron montilla com coca-cola após as 3h17 da madrugada, outro para excesso de folia no carnaval, mais um que incide sobre o oxigênio que respiramos, outro incidente sobre esquemas, fraudes e demais atividades ilícitas dos políticos... e tome imposto!"


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Ah, and there is the proverbial " never ends" a mild expression (I mean it polite) to indicate impatience and even distress about some event. And usually to react to some said or written. That is, to something that is happening again and again, but that could be avoided.

“Cut back five or ten percent, and let them live with their budget,” said Lewis, who has experience working in government. “If you don’t do that, they will find a place to spend the money.”
Lewis advised Candland that government agencies and departments would find a way to work with less, but tend to ask for more than they really need.
“You’ll have to raise more and more taxes, it never ends,” he said.
Goddammit! It never ends,every turn cough up.Did I see 3 taxes on one item?I'd understand if it were to protect some form of local manufacturing..but we don't invent nor manufacture these goods here.
Last year, roadworks turned some principal shopping streets into muddy tracks for months and kept shoppers away in droves. “It never ends,” said one jeweler. “They dig up the road to fix the water pipe one month, and go through the same process again the following month for sewage or electricity. We may as well be closed while roadworks are going on.”


Nothing changes at GM, still junk after all these years. It never ends...GM should though, they are probably the most inept run corporation on the planet. ... -gm-recall
This one I brought the URL -link- to the table, so one will know that is about the faulty ignition GM had in some cars and caused accidents. The cars´power turn off and resulting in loss of power to all electrics including the airbags. The comment is three years old, though.

So, adjusting the sentence I had elaborated before, it would be now:
One more (tax) levied on the very oxygen we breath, tax and more tax, it never ends!
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Good evening, Marcio.

I believe you could say:

Let it rain cats and dogs
- [E tome chuva!]
- [E dá-lhe chuva!]; (Dale chuva!) = Dale (informal)
- [Que chova bastante!]

Let it rain death
- [E tome bomba!]
- [E tome bombardeio!]
- [Que as explosões comecem!; Que as explosões tenham início] = Let the explosions begin.

Raining death = Death from above [slang]
- It is related to any kind of weapons, such as bombs that rains down upon the earth and causes a devastation / mass destruction.
- É relacionado a qualquer tipo de armas, tais como as bombas que caem sobre a terra e causam uma devastação / destruição em massa.


[E tome bomba!] = [Que você continue tomando bomba!] (para malhar)

1) Take steroids.
2) Take roids; take juice (informal).

I wish you take steroids.
I wish you carry on your juices / roids.

Let the taxes be in charge!
Let's pay more taxes!
And here we are about to pay more taxes!
(We have) more taxes to pay! / more taxation!
Let the taxation begin!

- [E dá-lhe imposto!]
- [E tome imposto!]

I hope I've helped.

So long,

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May there one day come a time in which we are rid of such burdens.
(1) Tomara que chegue o dia em que estejamos livres de todo o sofrimento.
(2) Que chegue o momento em que nos livremos de tais fardos.

Let no church be bombarded / attacked. The power of love must prevail.
(Não permita) que nenhuma igreja seja bombardeada / atacada. O poder do amor deve prevalecer.
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And yet some more possibilities:

It´s going to be a long rainy day...
It´s going to rain all day long, so much for appointments and outdoors acitivies (and going outside)!

The sunnis will be angry, bitter and they will take it out on the mosques...
The sunnis will be angry, bitter and they will direct their anger at the mosques in response to mess created...

As an aside, there´s an interview on the Time magazine where the interviewee says:
"...the way the U.S. Handled the occupation after the invasion angers virtually every Iraqi" perhaps it´s not about Sunni or other faction, the Kaleidoscope view of politics and interests in the area changes by the minute. Of course, on the American part, on the Middle East countries and others... But I left the translation as it was in Portuguese, not much thinking of geopolitical nuances or probabilities.

...mais um que incide sobre o oxigênio que respiramos, outro incidente sobre esquemas, fraudes e demais atividades ilícitas dos políticos... E tome imposto!"

One more (tax) levied on the very oxygen we breath, another on the fraud schemes and money of illicit origin derived from political corruption, and an endless string of taxes!

And if you want it pun-intended or some play on words, replace the "and an endless string of taxes!" for "give me a tax break!"