Como dizer "Eu quero ser prefeito" em inglês

I want to be mayor or I want to be a mayor?
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Generally speaking, "I want to be a mayor" will be the way you will find 999 out every 1,000 times.

"I want to be mayor", however, can be used sometimes in a few contexts (my feeling is that when it´s in a generalized way, not specific):
I want to be mayor of a town, and start a career of a politician.


OR maybe (in the following case) the guy used this to give it a ring of "unexpectedness/it came as a surprise to me" (until awhile ago I had not even thought of the idea...). Anyway, chances are that he meant "why I want to be a mayor" (it could be a mayor of any city, but it happens that I am running for the office of this city right now.) ... -be-mayor/
Why I am running for Mayor? My wife’s first response: “Are you nuts?” I explained to her that many who didn’t support me in the past have asked me to run.