Como dizer "Foi bom você tocar nesse assunto" em inglês

Hey Guys

Como eu devo dizer a seguinte expressão muito usada por nós na língua portuguesa.

Foi bom você tocar nesse assunto...
Foi bom você falar a respeito disso...
Foi bom você mencionar sobre isso...

Ex. Foi bom você tocar nesse assunto, pois eu tenho um segredo para te contar.

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One possible way is "while at it" meaning ("while this is the subject of conversation", "while we're on this subject"). And it´s likely that there are other ways, but that springs to my mind right now.

It worth mentioning that those are used generally in colloquial contexts, that is, not usually used in formal settings/writings.

Anyway, there´s the "since we are gossiping, etc...":
Well since we are gossiping…I heard that j-lo's soon to be ex was married when they met and he left his ex wife for them to be together.

Foi bom você tocar nesse assunto, pois eu tenho um segredo para te contar.
Could be expressed like this: "since we are gossiping, I have a secret to tell you..." (and to all Flamengo, Vasco, Botafogo and Fluminense supporters... ;-) )

Você poderia usar "should" neste caso.

Ex. Comum em inglês: "funny you should say that". (= "engraçado que você tenha dito isto")

Ou, aproveitando um exemplo que você deu:

"Good you should mention it".

53115 6 42 956
I wouldn´t mix the sentences and the notions here, "funny you should ask..." it would mean that, all of sudden you found it surprising, coincidental, or ironic that someone brought some subject up, by asking you.

"Good that you mention it.", I would say that is more on the coincidental side, and that what you have just said is useful or complementary to what I have just said, for example. What you have just said comes in handy.

Good that you mentioned it.
Same thing, to something you has just mentioned it, or recently. Or to something that you have mentioned/said not so recently (could be something that I have just recalled you said and now I wedge into the current conversation/discussion).

Thus, the "surprising" or "ironic" elements are less problabe on the sentence with "mention". I am not saying that can´t be used meaning that, but that´s unlikely.

I wouldn´t recommend the use of "good you should mention...", at least not for the time being, but probably others won´t say otherwise.