Como dizer "Levar a bola até a marca de escanteio" em inglês

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Para fazer o tempo passar.

Head for the corner
Did he head for the corner to kill time? (theguardian)
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"Levar a bola até a marca de escanteio para fazer o tempo passar."

That was just to let the unwary lurker know that the heading should be the above one (in Italics). That happens sometimes from lack of space to write the whole heading we want. So, you that is reading, please think that what is on the title and what follows on the body of the text (in Portuguese) should be considered together.

And, Zumstein please forgive me for chiming in, my intent wasn´t of intruding! It was just help out the the newbie leaner by just letting to know that.

BTW, nice topic of yours. As always with the best soccer and English insights!
Avatar do usuário zumstein 9930 1 20 301
You're always welcome PP.

BTW, look what soccer/football players do in front of the corner flag when winning late in a game.
- They dribble into the corner.
- They put the ball by the corner flag and turn their backs on the field.
When defenders come:
- They hold them off and wrestle with them waiting for a foul.
- They bounce the ball off them and out of bounds for a throw-in or a corner-kick.
- And so on.

It's an annoying thing, just to waste time.
Do you agree?
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 42685 6 33 752
I completely agree. Anyway "what is good for the goose is good for the gander". So, one day is a team that is winning and doing that, but the other day it could be the opponent that is with the upper hand! :-)
It´s annoying just the same. Anyway, they certainly will change the rules someday, that has happened to other aspects of soccer as well.