Como dizer "o fim está próximo" em inglês

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Português: O fim está próximo
Inglês: The end is near / The end is nigh

  1. By their actions, our leaders, politicians and the FED realize the end is near.
  2. It may be said that one is not dying, but fading quickly because the end is near.
  3. And the President looks more and more like a sure loser who knows the end is near.

p.s.: As an adjective, nigh is an older form of the word "near," both of which are rooted in the Old English word neah. People like to use the word nigh when they talk about the apocalypse: "Repent! The end is nigh." It's most common to use nigh today when you're trying to sound poetic or referencing the archaic or biblical uses of the word. (

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