Como dizer "Os justos pagam pelos pecadores" em inglês

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Português: Os justos pagam pelos pecadores, os bons pagam pelos ruins
Inglês: The good ones pay for the bad

  1. 1,200 Students Suspended -- Principal Kicks Out Two-Thirds Of Those Enrolled At `Zoo' School

    Angry parents brought their students back to school yesterday, when the two-day suspensions she had ordered on Monday were to begin. And Morgan-Brown, who had argued the suspensions were necessary to maintain order in a school that teachers, parents and even some students acknowledge is out of control - rescinded the suspensions.

    "The good ones pay for the bad," said Natalie Williams, 36, who was trying to get her 10th-grade daughter Artisia back in school. "The issue is that (the principal) doesn't have any control over the kids in that school."

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