Como dizer "Tenha certeza de que..." em inglês

Como dizer Tenha certeza de que, Pode ter certeza que em inglês.
Tenha certeza que seu apoio foi de grande ajuda.
My translations, but I'm not completely sure:
Be sure that your support was of great help;
Rest assured that your support was of great help.
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I would use something like "I want you to know that your help was invaluable.

I would just like to say a big, big thank you to you. (and elaborate if you wish.).

And other ways. "be sure" rings as a suggestion and "rest assured" could be used in a more formal way, meaning "believe me/you bet/without a doubt/indubitably".
In another context "rest assured" could also sound as you´re trying 'to convince', to reassure people, and it´s not exactly what you wanted to express.