Como falar “puxar pela memória” em inglês

Se eu estiver querendo falar para um amigo para ele tentar se lembrar de algo, existe alguma expressão semelhante a “puxar pela memória” que possa dizer?

Obrigada desde já :)

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3 respostas
Pull for the memory.
It's enough to pull for the memory and, thus, to remember.
( Basta puxar pela memória e, assim, lembrar)
Leonardo96 17 262
All right, don't say "pull for the memory", lol! That's literal translation at its finest.

You can say one of the following:

Try to dig it out of your memory.
Just think and see if you get any flashbacks.
Try to go over your memories and see if it comes back to you.

These are rather long in comparison to the Portuguese expression and they don't have much of a fixed/set expression ring to them, but that's probably because there aren't any. Not that I recall. I did think of "take a trip down memory lane" which would fall under that category but it's not quite the same context.
PPAULO 6 48 1.1k
My two cent's worth.

You could also mean that you are "trying hard to remember/recall (something)" or even "strain mentally to recall (something)", that you are "raking up your brain" or in another context "to come up with a word/a sentence/expressions, etc".

If you are a forgetful person and don't have a memory for names or faces, chances are that you "jog your memory" by some device (aid memory), like trying to recall where you met that person, if you worked with him/her, what activity you took part with them, etc. Or what their political preferences, hobby, sport, what you have.

Now when you try to think of a word you know you know? Then it's on the tip of your tongue (TOT)... You recall something partially (usually a word) but then not quite. The word is on the verge of being uttered, but it fails to come, you get somehow stuck!