Correção de diálogo: Houston business

Hi English Expert Teachers,

Please, can you correct this business conversation? I tried to get as much as possible a real situation...

Houston business.

X: Good morning, my name is Vinicius. I’m from HP in São Paulo, Brazil.
Y: How do you do, Vinicius? How can i help you?
X: I’m great, thanks. Sure, you can. I have an appointment with Ms. Brown from HP Service Manager. I’ve got a branch line, if helps you, the number is xxx-xxx-xx
Y: Ok, just wait a moment. I’ll contact her. (3 minutes later)
Y: Vinicius, here’s your visitor badge. Please go right in the elevator, 2nd floor, room n° 20.
X: Ok, thank you. Have a nice day.


X: Ms. Brown? excuse me. Good morning. I’m Vinicius from Brazil.
Y: Vinicius, I’m expecting you. please come in.
X: Ms. Brown, It’s nice to meet you.
Y: it’s nice to meet you too, Vinicius. How was your flight?
X: It was fine. I flew by A.A, they have a great flight service.
Y: Ok, welcome to Houston, I hope you have a great time here.
X: Thanks. I’m sure i will.
Y: So, please take a seat. Would you like some coffee, water or tea?
X: Yes, i’d like coffee, please. Black with sugar.
Y: Ok, just a moment. Ms Hind, could we have two coffees, please? One black with sugar, ando one with cream and no sugar...

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Henry Cunha 3 17 182
Sounds good to me. Since you're already there, she would have said this in the past tense:

Y: Vinicius, I was expecting you. please come in.
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