Correção de texto: com present perfect and continuous

Mc clara
My name is maría Clara, I'm 13 years old. I have dark brown eyes, my hair is curly and long and I am 1.67 tall. I live with my parents and my two sisters. I intend to graduate in architecture and urbanism. I am a very crying and happy person.
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1 resposta

Leonardo96 3550 9 76
Hi Clara. Your text is pretty much perfect and there's nothing I would change as far as grammar goes. Although I'm not very sure what you meant when you said you're a "crying" person? Perhaps "emotional"? Unless you literally mean you're a person who cries a lot but I don't see why you would say that when you defined yourself as a happy person right after it, in which case It would be funny If you then cracked a joke saying "oh, I forgot to mention i'm also bipolar!" LOL. Anyways, your English is great and I wish I was half as good at it when I was your age, congrats.