Correção de texto: Going to Work

I never see me driving a car, but in my new job I saw that it's necessary, because with the bus I takes more or less 1 hour and twenty minutes to arrive at company. But after think alot, I bought a car, hahaha and now for my happiness now I takes only twenty minutes do arrive at the company.



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I've never pictured myself driving a car, but after starting my new job I realized It would be necessary because it takes me about 1 hour and twenty minutes to get at the company by buss. After thinking it through I decided to buy a car hahaha and now, fortunately, It takes me only 20 minutes to get there.
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Avatar do usuário Cinnamon 15265 14 41 345
I'm sure it is just a typo "bus", right?

I think the same. Cinnamon.
yep, it should be " get at the company by bus...", sorry for that :D
Avatar do usuário PPAULO 39195 6 32 684
It was what I thought too, it certainly wouldn´t be buss.
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