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My hometown is São Paulo, the biggest city in my country, localized in the Southeast region in Brazil, is the big center financial, with people of all Brazil.
Everything is so fast, the cars don't stop, the people don't stop, the city doesn't stop. Living in São Paulo is moving all the time. To live in São Paulo need to be patient because city so big have big traffic too.
Is a city multicultural, with immigrants Japaneses, Italians, Spanish and many others.
São Paulo is so big that has many places that I never saw and with several building huge, but also many old buildings that show a history of the city.
Live in my hometown is always an adventure, so is really good.

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Lots of improvement to your text.....

My hometown, is São Paulo, located in the Southeast region in Brazil, is the largest city and financial centre in Brazil, with people from all of Brazil.
Everything is so fast, the cars, the people, and the city don't stop. Living in São Paulo means moving all the time and one needs to be patient because there is so much traffic.
It is a multicultural city, with Japanese, Italian, Spanish and many other immigrants. It is such an urban complex that there are many places that I have not seen yet, it has many skyscrapers mixed with old colonial buildings, amongst other types of properties that show its varied historical background.
My hometown is always full of adventure, so is really wonderful.
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Thank you for your help !! :D