Correção de texto: The loving for educating has become a signalman...

Alguém poderia por gentileza corrigir o seguinte texto para mim:

The loving for educating has become a signalman all along Maria’s path. Educator for over 10 years, she has always developed children’s and teenager’s multiple talents, believing in the human potential. To her, when a new generation is well cared for and on track, they place themselves at the service of the society, having global awareness and taking citizen actions.
She is the pedagogical director of Santinha School, an institution which provides education to 5,450 Brazilian children, including 1,000 students from needy communities in São Paulo, Brazil. Author of 10 books addressed to children and teenagers, which treat of the socio-environmental solidarity. Teacher chosen as the curator of the first “Educational Exposition for Children” in Brazil. MA and PhD in Education focused on Educational Politics from USP-SP. Member of Greater São Paulo Academy of Letters and of the Peace Council of São Paulo Geographic and Historic Institute.
At DXA Seminary, she’s going to mediate the presentation of 20 awesome children who are lecturing about their experiences and their ideas for a better world for us. After all, giving them a voice means we have the possibility of listening to the “Masters of Future” and sighting our lighthouses.

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Loving is an adjective in this case. Use Love, the noun.

I would use Mark or even Sign, instead of 'signalman'.

Being an educator for ...

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