Corrreçao de texto: Doctor helps a gorilla

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A baby gorilla is born. She is born in California. She is very beautiful. However, her start to life is not easy. There are some problems during the delivery.
She also has a problem with her lung. The zoo asks doctors for help. These doctors help human babies, but they can help a baby gorilla, too! Working with gorilla babies and working with human babies is very similar.
The baby is getting better. The mother is fine, too. Soon, the baby gorilla will be with her family.
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A baby gorila is born in California and, although she's very beautiful, her first steps into life are not quite easy. Besides some complications during the delivery, she also has a lung condition. The zoo workers need specialized help to properly deal with the situation but there aren't any veterinarians available, only doctors whose speciality is to treat humans. Due to the physical resemblance between human and gorilas, these doctors could lend their help and save the little animals. Now mother and daughter are getting better and soon will be reunited again.