Do you believe in love at first sight?

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Flavia.lm 4055 1 10 94
Question: Do you believe in love at first sight?


- "Yes, the first time I saw him I said to myself: It is HE!"
- "Someone who falls in love at first sight is usually willing to fall in love. And s/he of course only fell in love with an appearance, voice, smell... - not with a person!
- "No, it is impossible to fall in love with someone you don't know yet. Love is something that comes after some time, after knowing the person's way of thinking and living, the person's view of life..."
- "Once upon a time I saw him, we felt in love, and we lived happily forever"

P.s.: I was "so nice" to my boyfriend before knowing he was interested in me... :D

Now it's your turn!
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35 respostas
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RenanKenplers 80 3
I don't think so. There might be a very strong mutual attraction, but not love.

But there are those who believe it... and they might be right... or not.


gabii_fonseca 15
Not really, love comes with contact, it's build.

maryziller 355 1 1
Love at first sight is a very romantic notion. I believe it is possible to know if you have met your soul-mate in the first instants you interact with a future boyfriend. People talk about "hitting it off" which means getting along well and being compatible and feeling a special deep bond from the first conversation.

Love at first sight is not as deep as a love that continues to grow over time. A mature lifelong love is complicated and deep and varied, but it may have started out as a love at first sight.

Eveline Cintra
You can fall in love at first time, but love comes with the time, you build it! ;)

Gustavo Dias 25
Well... Some people fall in love by a person at the first sight, but surely it's just because of it's beauty...

About a LOVE at the first sight, I disagree. It's not nice to date with a person who you neither know. If you wanna love somebody you have to know if he is nice, if he's good for you, and etc...
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Yes, I believe It. Sometimes the love waits us and We don't wait the love.

Of course! I just found my little beautiful when I saw her, and I'm almost sure that is her, forever, and ever. s2

Vitor Ferreira 30 1
I only believe in love at first sight if the man and the woman are beautiful. They look at each other and see how beautiful each one is. People like that, see first the beauty you have, not what you are.But sometimes this combination goes right.

w.slayman 110
This is a very old question that has been debated for many years. Therefore I will relate my experiences in this matter.

In March 1966 my uncle was killed in an automobile accident, and at the funeral I saw a young lady who just took my breath away. My first reaction was, "Oh My God, is she beautiful". After the interment she introduced herself to me and offered her condolences, I was so flabergasted by her beauty and smile that all I could think to say was "Thanks".

I saw her again at the wake, and this time I had the presence of mind to ask her for her phone number, she replied with a coy smile, that she was my step grandmothers third cousin, and that I could get the number from her. The next afternoon I called the young lady, and her father, Joe, answered the phone asking why I wanted to talk to his baby girl. I blurted that "I love her and want to marry her." Then hurriedly added "With your permission of course." He laughed and said to come over for dinner about 6:00 P.M. and to bring my grandmother.

Six months later Jackie and I were married after a two week engagement, and it lasted until her death 34 years, 8 months and 3 days later.

Later, in 2001, I was surfing the internet and stumbled upon a match making site, and saw post by a Brazilian lady living in New Hampshire. The post was pretty interesting so I answered it and we exchanged emails, then instant messenger messages, then I started calling her on the telephone.

Two months after answering her post I flew to New Hampshire on a Friday to meet her, proposed to her in the car at the airport and gave Cristina an engagement ring, which she accepted. We flew back to Kentucky on Sunday night and were married on Monday. Now I have a wife, a mother in law, one son, two stepsons, one daughter in law, and one granddaughter.

I do not know if the marriage will last, as it has only been 8 years, 10 months, 3 days, 4 hours and 12 minutes, but I guess we will give it another 20 or 30 years and then we will decide.

If you still have not determined if I believe in Love At First Sight, the answer is a resounding YES. :D

aline simão
Yes, I believe in love at first sight. Sometimes we don't know we are already feeling the love, but time has shown us that the feeling is true.

Please, correct my mistakes

Israel_Ribeiro 20
Well, I was going to say "no, I don't", but then I read Bill's story, and I have to say, I'm so impressed, although I think that's not exacly the right word.
Oh my God, Bill! What an amazing life story. I only see things like that in movies and books.
So, if I say "no, i don't" now, I'll feel like I'm offending Bill.
So, I believe in love at fist sight, however, you have to be VERY lucky. :)

See ya!

Flavia.lm 4055 1 10 94
Wow, Bill!
Really inspiring.

Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212
Do any of you believe in love at second sight? (Could that possibly mean love on second thought?)

Flavia.lm 4055 1 10 94
Marcio_Farias escreveu:Do any of you believe in love at second sight? (Could that possibly mean love on second thought?)
My friend: Flávia, didn't you notice he spent the whole holiday looking at you?
Flávia: Did he?!?!?!?! :o :roll: :) :D :) 8-) 8-)

And then, the next time I saw him, I started to look at him in a different way...

Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212
Israel_Ribeiro escreveu:[...] So, I believe in love at fist sight, however, you have to be VERY lucky. :)
Please define "very lucky." Assuming you will reply, in what terms or aspects should one get very lucky in order to accomplish love if it can ever get accomplished?

w.slayman 110

Good morning my friend, although in Brazil it is afternoon, if you do not mind I would like to suggest that you change the second sentence in your new signature to read: "If so, have they ever read your Miranda rights to you?"

I think this is slightly closer to being grammatically correct.

The following irrevelent, and possibly off topic, statement may be apropos to your second sentence, "You have the right to remain silent. If you waive that right anything you say will be reflected in your final grade. You have the right to consult an English teacher. If you can not afford a tutor one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights." :lol: :shock: :lol:

w.slayman 110

Sometimes, after Cris and I have an argument and I loose (always), I think that I am not very propitious, just pertinacious.

For the curious two, two dollar words and one idiom, to look up and improve your vocabulary. :D

Two Dollar Words.

Israel_Ribeiro 20

I'm not sure if I understood the whole question, but, by "very lucky" I meant, "you being in the right place at the right time", and also, "the other person being in the right place at the right time", and yet, "she thinks you're woth it". So, I guess it requires a little luck.

Thanks! :)

Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212
@Bill - Corrected as suggested. Thank you. :)
@Israel - Yes, it takes two to make love happen.

ailime 80 1
Yes, I do believe in it, although it did not happen to me. In my case it was at second sight or at the second moment...
We started to get involved after some words, when we could really realize that we had much in common. :D


w.slayman 110
ailime escreveu:Yes, I do believe in it, although it did not happen to me. In my case it was at second sight or at the second moment...
We started to get involved after some words, when we could really realize that we had much in common. :D


How do you feel about this? Or to use the American deep south teenage vernacular, "Hoz bout dis?" :lol:

"Yes, I do believe in it, although it has not happened to me. In my case it was love at second sight or at the second meeting. We started to get involved after several conversations, when we realized that we really had a lot in common."

I know that "Hoz bout dis" is inordinately poor grammar but I desired to introduce the word vernacular to the forum, and could not find a better way. ;) For those who contemplate these postings and their significance to your studies, and those members whose sensibilities I may have offended, I extend my apologies.

Words to improve your vocabulary.

ailime 80 1

Wow! "Vernacular", I have never heard about this word, even in Portuguese. Is it a formal word?(seems to me)
And, "inordinately"(extremely, excessively). Thank you for introducing us to such nice words. Plus, of course all your corrections make sense. :D


w.slayman 110

Thank you for your response, the pleasure is entirely mine when I see that I am helping, even in an inconsequential manner.
Vernacular, an adjective, is not used often, however it is not what I would call a "formal" word, the opportunity to use it in every day English , especially spoken, is rather limited.

Vernacular -

Now you can look up "Inconsequential" ;)

leandrocs1310 25
Yes, I do. Whereas I'm spirit, when someone sees other person and get fascinated, of course they met a lot of times in last lives, it happens a lot. There are also moments that we see a person and we already think: I don't like him, I didn't like him — even when the person has never met him! It's usual, so my answer is Yes. :D

felipeh6 2255 7 56

At the same time I've seen this question, I've remembered a joke from "Magro do Bonfa". It's been something like (let me say I'm not good with jokes) when he's met a girl, they've asked him if it's been love at first sight and he's replied that it's been love at second sight, because the first time he's met the girl, she's been standing with her back to him!


No, i don't believe.Can until seem true but I don't particularly believe in Fairytale

I don't believe in love at first sight, the love is someting naturally, knowen the person, does not arise sunddely.

Frank Florida 210 5
My cousin went to a club one night and locked eyes with a guy there. They walked past each other, then they both turned around and looked at each other again over the shoulder. Then they got into a conversation and they've been together ever since. That was almost ten years ago and they got married last year... What's more, they both swear that they knew from the first moment: "this is it". Pretty amazing if you ask me... that's something you don't hear every day.

Yes. I think that when it happens there's a, like Renan said, "very strong mutual attraction". And I do believe it's a important factor to love.

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