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$27 Million Lottery Winner Rushes Back to Work

Fri Mar 18, 2005 08:12 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's biggest individual
Lottery winner had no time to celebrate after becoming
20.4 million euros ($27 million) richer, because he was
Too worried about being late for work.
When the salesman, who was not identified by
WestLotto, arrived Thursday to buy his weekly lottery
Ticket at a shop in the industrial Ruhr area he was told
Last week's 12-euro ticket that he hadn't bothered to
Check had won the jackpot.
The man's reaction left the lottery operator
"After he was told he had won the jackpot, he said
He didn't have time to chat because he would get into
Trouble with his boss," a lottery spokesman in the
Western city of Muenster said. Instead, he rushed off to
Catch a bus to work.


Which of the statements below about Germany’s
Lottery winner is NOT true?

A) He is a salesman.
B) He loves pigeons.
C) He is between the ages of 30 and 39.
D) He buys a lottery ticket every week.
E) He is unemployed.


Why was the lottery operator speechless?

A) Because the winner planned to get a bigger apartment
In the country.
B) Because the winner hadn’t checked his lottery
C) Because the winner had spent 12 euros on a ticket
And won 20.4 million euros.
D) Because the winner didn’t celebrate and rushed
Back to work by bus.
E) Because the winner was going to lose his job.


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Aqui estão as respostas / Here are the answers

24. E
25. D

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