Exercício: Qual a opção correta

Diogo Cruz
Which alternative is correct? Explain the errors, please!
Remembering that only one of the alternatives is correct!

A. Do not you never ever say that again.
B. Never I will understand her.
C. She always is complaining about something. She seems to be never satisfied with anything.
D. I have never ever seen her smile . She is always serious. She looks more like a robot than a human.
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2 respostas
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Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212

We should not choose A because incorrectly ordered. And even if we worded it correctly, we would get a double negative, Do you not never...

We would only consider B correct if the will stood before the I, in which we case we would have "Never will I understand her." Negatives at the beginning of a sentence add emphasis. In this case, we have to invert the subject and verb.

As for C, check out the reason why you should not use it here.

For Christ's sake, why did you not search the forum for an answer or an existing thread before starting a new thread?

Marcio_Farias 12570 1 23 212

"incorrectly ordered" should read "incorrectly worded".