Exercício: Teste IELTS

Complete the summary using the list of words,A-O,below.
Write the correct letter,A-O ,in boxes 1-5 on your answer sheet.

The failure during the late 1970s and early 1980s of an attempt to stabilish a widespread wind power in the United States resulted largely from de 1__________ in oil prices during this period.The industry is now experiencing a steady 2________ due to improvements in technology and an increased awareness of the potential in the power of wind.The wind turbines that are now being made,based in part on the 3_________ of wide-ranging research in Europe,are easier to manufacture and maintain than their predecessors.This had led wind-turbine makers to be able to standardise and thus minimise 4_________ . There has been growing 5 ___________ of the importance of wind power as an energy source.

A . criticism
B . design costs
C. failure
D. operating costs
E. growth
F . scepicism
G. effects
H. success
I. production costs
J . stability
K . fall
L. recognition
M. decisions
N. decline
O. results

Não tenho a respostas ,mas tentei fazer aqui,gostaria que vcs fizessem pra comparar os resultados. :)
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My shots on IELTS test
1 N
2 E
3 H
4 I
5 L
my shots are:

1 E
2 J
3 H
4 I
5 L

just trying to help you!