Exercício:Texto em Inglês com Verbos Regulares e Irregulares

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Confira um texto em inglês com os verbos regulares e com os verbos irregulares.

1. Text - Texto

Yesterday John helped his father at the store and went to school at night. John went to school on foot because his father couldn't take him to school. John's father was very busy at his clothing store.

John's father opened his store ten years ago, and in the beginning he didn't know much about the business. But now he manages his business pretty well.

John's mother died of cancer three years ago, and John lives with his father in a house downtown. John's father doesn't want to marry another woman because he's still very sad.

Last week John and his father went to visit their relatives in another city - New York. They stayed there for three days and returned two days ago.

John and his father had many problems but they always resolved these problems because they never gave up and worked hard.

2. Answer - Responda

Is John's father married or single?

A. Married
B. Single

Bons estudos.
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