Exercício: Universidade Mackenzie 1996 - Inglês

MACKENZIE 1996 Indicate the alternative that best completes the following sentences:?

I. Which city is the __________ from São Paulo?
II. My __________ brother works at Mackenzie.
III. Do you need any __________ data on that matter?
IV. Which is the __________ building in São Paulo?
V. Ribeirão Preto is the city that has the __________ problems with pollution in Brazil.
a) I. furthest; II. elder; III. more; IV. farthest; V. oldest
b) I. further; II. older; III. farther; IV. eldest; V. less
c) I. nearer; II. oldest; III. farthest; IV. longest; V. least
d) I. nearest; II. elder; III. furthest; IV. eldest; V. biggest
e) I. farthest; II. eldest; III. further; IV. oldest; V. fewest

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Alguém poderia explicar essa questão por favor?

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Quick and dirty tips here.

Farther/farthest in
(III) Do you need any __________ data on that matter? is not possible. The correct word is FURTHER, meaning dados adicionais/mais dados/dados para complementar. (sobre)o assunto.
So, cross out alternatives b) and c)

Now in:
I. Which city is the __________ from São Paulo?
For distance/lenght we don´t use further/furthest, not farthest/farther. So, cross out alternatives a) and b)

The following site, explains that oldest is the problable/less commom match to the question -
IV. Which is the __________ building in São Paulo?

Should it be about siblings or related persons, could be eldest.

http://english.stackexchange.com/questi ... and-oldest

Indeed, both eldest and oldest refer to the greatest in age. The crucial difference, however, lies in the fact that eldest can only be used for related persons, while oldest can be used for any person, place or thing in a group of related or unrelated elements. Examples:

He is the eldest/oldest of the three children.
Mine is the eldest/oldest car on the block.
John is the eldest (less common)/oldest student in my class.
She is the eldest (less common)/oldest of my nieces.
'Is New York the eldest/oldest city in the US?'
He's the eldest (less common)/oldest in the brotherhood.

And while eldest can be used for any group of related persons, in reality, it is mostly only used in reference to siblings.

So, it cross out alternative d)

It remains the correct option, which is... E)
Others certainly will contribute in more didactic way, let´s wait for them.