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Brazilian Should be Braver Enough to Show their English

It has been a while since I have noticed something about these who decides of somehow to work in the field of language learning and teaching in Brazil. They are always boasting of their skills in English, how amazing their methods are. Not to mention the unpleasant fact that they are always clogging our email inbox with learning methods. So far, so good, but what intrigues me is that they-do-not-show-us-their-English. I mean, if you search for a video, Podcast or interview on the internet in which they are speaking in English, you will find nothing at all. And I keep wondering why this is so. Whereas the same scenario in other countries is a different story. I have the feeling that teachers, as well as learners, they fear to get criticized or something like that.

In general, people in other countries do not feel embarrassed at showing their English, even when they speak broken English. I’ve ever watched many videos in which non-native English speakers are speaking with bad pronunciation and incorrect or awkwardly structured English, but guess what, they couldn't care less about it. And of course, there are also many people with exceptional English. I think this is awesome! The good thing is that whenever I watch these videos I feel inspired by them. I think to myself: If he/her succeeded I can succeed as well!

As I mentioned before, I do not care whether Brazilians speak it well or not, that is not my point. I just wanted to see more Brazilians speaking in English, making videos, vloggers and Podcasts in English, just as in other countries. It does not matter if they are English teachers or learners. I think that they should be braver enough to show their English and not just to talk about it. Many people would make the best of them by being inspired and having their confidence boosted. Undoubtedly, that would be great. I’m in the crowd rooting for it happens!
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gabrielock 895 1 15
I see what you mean by that and I have to say that I totally agree with you. The very few times I watched to Brazilians speaking in english they were speaking so well, the fact that you can show to the world (showing your pronuciation online automatically allows people from the whole world see what you post) will not only make people give you compliments, but also will make you recive a good feedback that will make you improve your English even more. One of it reasons might be the fact that in most of the schools here in Brazil (at least the ones I've already had contact with) the only 2 hours of class you have during the week you barely speak! Most of them are focused on forming people that will follow the correct grammar structue so the teacher make theirs students only take notes of the new vocabulary and the grammar rules, when they speak, in most part of the time it happens only so they can have in mind how the sentence or the world is properly spoken, instead of letting they chat and argue in some cases about daily situations, their lives or even global issues. Fortunetly now I'm taking classes at a school where our classes are based on conversations, we obviously write things down, read texts, but then we openly speak, it's such a good feeling being able to speak and showing your real knowledge about the language itself. I think I got a little out of the topic of this, but maybe if more schools could offer a teaching method based on speaking and not only writing, that would be much more effective.