Ferramenta Meu Vocabulário

lauerp 10
Hello guys, how are you? I hope you are well. So, I created this topic to talk about the vocabulary tool and I'd like to know how do you guys use this during the days, because when I add a new vocabulary I always get a little uncomfortable, thinking if the sentence is correct or not, because as it's a new word, it's easy to commit a mistake creating a new sentence. So, do you have any tip for me?

(Desculpa se contiver qualquer tipo de erro ortográfico ou se o tópico não puder ser escrito em inglês, qualquer um desses problemas, porfavor PM me!)
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Sérgio Nunes Martins 10
Amigo, eu utilizo o Cambridge dictionary online, lá existem exemplos de utilização das palavras.

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One good way to get used to usage and to make more natural daily use of words, is practicing (and tinkering) with the variety
of meanings of a word.
To that end, you can use a "Dicionário Inglês para Estudantes Brazileiros" or something like that, you also can use the Michaelis online

See the word "shot"
http://michaelis.uol.com.br/escolar/ing ... lavra=shot
Armed with that entry you could go to the specific literature, say to a photography magazine and you´ll have plenty of "shot" as "photo", then you go to a medical site and you get "shot" as an "injection", and so on and on.

André Lima 780 3 20
I have some tips:
  1. Read a lot. When you find out a word that's in your vocabulary, review it on Meu Vocabulário inserting the new sentence extracted from the text.
  2. Make your own sentences. And check if they are right searching for them on Google, Bing, etc. If the sentence is right, you will find a lot of pages with it. Otherwise you won't find any results, meaning that something is wrong.
  3. Use online dictionaries. I love The Free Dictionary because it have beyond general translation, medical, financial, etc.
  4. Ask and answer questions. Here at the English Experts you can find a lot of open questions from people like you. Helping them you will be helping you as well. Need help? Ask me too!