Get yourself a drink x Get a drink: Qual a diferença

Faz um tempo que eu me deparo com frases como essa acima, e eu tenho uma dúvida. Tem alguma diferença entre as duas?

Por que dizer "You should get yourself a drink" e não apenas "You should get a drink".

Ou como vi nessa frase recentemente "Don't get yourself seen". Não poderia ser "Don't be seen"?

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"Don´t be seen" is an order, an imperative sentence. "Don´t get yourself seen" is more polite, the "get" gives you some leeway, almost as if it was some suggestion.
Other polite way would be "please, don´t let yourself be seen", anyway the "please" don´t mean that you don´t have to do what you were told (depending on whom is "asking" you to do).

You should get yourself a drink suggests, to my thinking, that the person is being somehow friendly to you. Whereas "you should get a drink" would sound like an imperative sentence, said by someone that is not a peer and want to keep it formal.
But then, it´s me here. My impression. Let´s wait for further clarifying and comments.