Matematica, quimica e fisica em inglês

Hello guys, i'm going to do a test in order to get a chance to study in japan, the test is all in english and it has chemistry, math and fisic questions, so I would like to know if anyone knows a good site about chemistry, math and etc... in english(damn, I will have to learn all the chemical elements in english too:().

I think i put it in the wrong session, if so, please move it to the right session ;)

p.s: how can I say "bolsa de estudos" in english?
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Hi Otávio,
I hope this helps you :

It might not have everything that you need , but it can be quite useful though.

Bolsa de Estudos - Scholarship
Thanks gaby! I took a look at that site and it seems really good.
Thank you for everything:D
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I think if you take a look on this article here, it'll help you: ... em-ingles/
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