New user - Hi all!

Tiago Machado
Hi all,

My name is Tiago and i`m here to study and learn english with all you guys.
This is my first post in this forum, so let me introduce myself.
I`m 23 years old and i live in Belo Horizonte. I studied english for some years (like 2 or 3) but i stopped when i entered in university. I studied at #1 and CCAA. I never dedicate many time to English.. In fact, i never thought that English will be so important to my job.. and nowadays i`m am suffering the consequences.. In the latest months, my job has demanded from me a bigger ability in English. I have to write proposals and text`s in english, talk with people from Atlanta, and to be honest, i`m not prepared for this. So I have to recovery my lost time! :D
I hope that this community can help me to keep the spirit and do not let me discourage.

1) For you have an idea, i took about 15 minutes to write this post! :oops:
2) Please free feel to correct any silly that I wrote above! ;)

Tiago Machado
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