Photojournalist Ricardo Moraes

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His photos are featured in today's Guardian online: ... 78&index=0

"Brazilian photographer Ricardo Moraes is a full-time stringer for Reuters. These pictures show voluntary doctors making their six-monthly visit to the Cartucho community, to whom they provide clinical and surgical treatment. They were taken in Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, in the Brazillian state of Amazonas."

Beautiful stuff.
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Henry Cunha escreveu:Beautiful stuff.

Usually I'm not a fan of lens distortion, but this guy turned it into a tool to tell us a story with his well framed pictures, the lights are gloomy and the colors are strong, pain and vigour; great photos!
Avatar do usuário Henry Cunha 10000 3 16 177
Yes, he likes to use short depths of field to emphasize what he wants the viewer to concentrate on.