Probable vs Possible

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Hey guys,

I've learnt this subject today and decided to share it with you:


If something is possible, it has some chance to turn to reality, even though it's something like 0.00001% or 90% chance.


If something is probable, it has big chances to turn to reality. That's why we can say sth is possible, but not probable.


If I study hard, I'll probably pass the exam.
If I don't study hard, it's possible that I'll pass the exam, but it's not probable.

It's possible to win the lottery. However, it's not probable I'll win at some point in my life.

If I made any grammatical mistakes, please let me know,


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It´s two diferents words. probable is "provável" e possible is "possível"
EugenioTM 7 48
lucasvinha escreveu:It´s two diferents words. probable is "provável" e possible is "possível"
I know this, the reason I've posted is because they are very similar, and can cause doubts.