Sharing our learning

Hey guys,
I just had an idea of making a topic where we can share everything we learn.
I think that's gonna be helpful, 'cause here you can put everything (slang, grammar, expressions, vocabulary, pronunciation, idioms...etc) that we learned so far so members can learn with what the last member said. :D

:arrow: Ex.: Something new that I learned is the American Slang:
"Flossing" = which means to pretend being better than you are or to show off.
But be careful, the word flossing has a meaning different from the slang. (Slang = Giria)
Word meaning: To floss my teeth (passar fio dental nos dentes)
Slang meaning: That man is flossing (aquele homem esta 'aparecendo/se achando o melhor')

I hope I'm helping you... who's next? ;)
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It's my turn...

a slang "cup of tea" (praia/preferência/gosto)

Ex: I don't like play voley isn't my cup of tea.

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All right then...

a) She´s a hottie!(Ela é muito atraente,bonita,sexy.)
b) It´s so you.(Isto é a sua jeito que você gosta.)
c) Don´t mess with the bess!(Não se meta comigo...você pode se dar mal.)

Good Luck!

Good ones guys...
I learned another slang today, it's like an expression:
to grab a bite to eat which means to have a quick snack. (Ter um lanche rapido).