"Subject 117" - Resumo do livro

Olá pessoal, como falei pro pessoal do chat, vou colocar aqui neste tópico o resumo do livro que li: "Subject 117". Comecei no chat, mas vou postar novamente o início da história aqui, pra quem quiser ler. Podem comentar a história aqui mesmo. A história só vai ser escrita por mim, então, para continuar sua leitura, leia os meus posts daqui. Espero que gostem. :)

:!: OBS: Não estou copiando trechos do livro pra vocês, estou resumindo com minhas palavras o que li. :!:
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Cade Foster is a man. In the past, he was a thief. But, he found the woman of his life, Hannah, and he looked for a job. He erased his past. All appeared normal, but he started see strange things, bad things. And he heard sometimes a voice that said: "Nineteen". He was afraid.
One time, he was working and he saw a head on his case. The head spoken to him: "Nineteen".
Later that day, he met his wife. He told that fact to her, but she doesn't believed. She requested him to found a doctor. She thinked that he was crazy.
The next day, he was working in his office, and his boss, Mr. Dray, called him. He had some papers in his hand. Cade doesn't understand, but.... Mr. Dray said that he received this papersabout his past. He said: "I know that you was the best thief in USA.". Cade said that he changed,and his past doesn't exist more. He was a new man. But his boss didn't want a thief in his office. Cade was desmissed.

Depois continuo pra vocês.
Cade no had job. So, he was take out the bank three hundred dollars. But the banker said that his name wasn’t in the banker system. There was no Cade Foster. Cade walked through the city streets. He was angry and afraid. We wanted know who sent those papers to Mr. Birmingham and where was his money.

Cade arrived in his house. But, he saw a big mess. The table and the chairs were broken, and was food on the floor. He looked for Hannah, but he doesn’t found her. After he looks the entire house, he saw her in the bathroom. She was afraid, and she said that was people in their house. Cade said that all would be alright.
Later that night, Cade invaded the Mr. Birmingham’s office. He found the papers and saw who was sent to his boss. The man was: Samuel Hitchens. He doesn’t know who he was. But he wrote his address.

When he arrived home, Hannah was very angry. But, he explain everything to her and she understood him.

Depois continuo galera.