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Isadora Sthefanie' escreveu:Woke up, the most important, because if i has not had agreed, can't do other important things.

Here in all likelihood, you might have meant, "... I have", not "... i has".
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This morning I woke up and I was confused, but in the subway I met my happiness..a word to the wise is enough!
I worked hard today :)
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I've read 5 pages of a book in English and learned the words 'scythe' and 'squelch' =)
I woke up! *-*
I cleaned my home;
I did my homework (by my curse);
I downloaded the App of English Experts ;)
I finished a season of Grey's Anatomy!

It's all!
I woke up, had breakfast with my daughter and went to gym.
Well, I started my day listening to some English podcast in my phone, because I'm totally dedicated to learn English and still studying since that.
I participated in lecture on deaf inclusive education, the discussions was important for me training.