Thanks English Experts

Hi everybody,

Since I've started to receive messages from this site I've been trying to post something to thank the cooperation in my English's studies. So, now, after a few attempts, I'm here to say "Thanks Very Much" Alessandro and everyone who contribute to this site day after day!! Maybe you don't know how great job you've been done, but I hope one day to write so good as other guys whom I see here like Donay Mendonça, Flavia Magalhães and Mariana Fonseca, for instance.

That's all folks!, It's not a letter, just a simple THANKS!

Congratulations to all the English Expert and God bless you forever.

Evelly Freitas
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Very good Evelly. This site is very important for me because everyday I have been learning more and more.
Hello everybody

that's my first post. i don't speak english well, but i hope to learn something here.
Congratulations for the idea. it's very important to have some place to practice.