To see x Seeing: Qual a diferença?

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Eu estava estudando e me deparei com uma explicação sobre o verbo to see no gerúndio!

O livro afirma que seeing tem um sentido diferente to verbo propriamente dito!

Está escrito assim:

"Seeing is not used with the same meaning of to see, but it is used in sentences like:
I guess she is seeing him tonight.
In this case, means that the girl is going to meet a boy to a romantic relationship.

Minha pergunta é: Posso usar o verbo "seeing" como gerúndio do "to see" ou não - apenas nesse sentido do exemplo do livro?
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Yes Vanessa, that´s right. The verb "see" in the gerund form (seeing) can´t be used to express actions that are happening right now (present continuous - I am doing...).

To say "você está vendo aquele homem lá?" you would say/ask in English "Do you see that man over there?"

Normally, the same happens with the so-called sense verbs - see, hear, smell, taste.

Example (from the transcript of Good Will Hunting):

Hypnotist's Office
HYPNOTIST - are in your bed, Will. old are you?
WILL - Seven.
HYPNOTIST - What do you see?
WILL - Someone's in my room.
HYPNOTIST - What is it?
WILL - It's's a figure. It's uh..hoverin' over me.

Ref. Moviescriptsandscreenplays

The same happens with the verb "mean", you ask "What do you mean?" (O que você está querendo dizer com isso?) and not "What are you meaning?" or What do you meaning?

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A perfect explanation!
Thank you very much PPAULO

49315 6 42 884
Glad that it helped!