As governing body awards... - Tradução em português

"Female chess players forced to wear hijab as governing body awards world championship to Iran"

Não consegui fazer uma boa tradução, principalmente por causa de "
as governing body

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Female chess players forced to wear hijab as governing body awards world championship to Iran
Jogadoras femininas de xadrez forçadas a usar o hijab (espécie de véu) quando da/no momento em que a Federação de Xadrez decide pelo (seleciona) Campeonato Mundial de Xadrez acontecer no Irã.
As meaning "quando/no momento em que",´s "journalese", when they say something that will happen as it having happened. In this way, this piece of news means that the FIDE (the International Chess Federation, that had the French at his origin, and is based in Europe).

A cultural note: we read plenty of items from American mainstream media, sometimes it might be read with a pinch of salt. When said championship took place in America (New York), Iran didn´t boycotted in any way. It´s a bad trend these days, when they politicize sports too much. If it was an American organization it certainly wouldn´t be in Iran, the French and Europe think different in many ways. The European sometimes are more inclusive, sometimes not, though.
Feminine Taekwnodo Brazilian athletes competed in Iran and took it lightly. ... -tres.html

Governing Body - o principal órgão, o comitê organizador, etc, no futebol FIFA, no Xadrez FIDE, e na fórmula 1 - a FIA.
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Not to mention that at the eve of the Olympic Games, scientists came out to say that Brazil would spread Zika and other scaries. Then quietly the discourse went changing to a better tone. Of course, there are newspapers and media that think that good news don´t sell, that is a fact everywhere too.
I didn't know the meaning of "as" in that sentence
PPAULO 6 47 1.1k
Indeed "as" is can be used to mean "when" for example, to explain something that happens simultaneously. In a certain, meaning "when OR while one event happens while other is in progress" here, the event of women being forced into using hijab (event #1) when they select (event #2) Iran to host the chess championship. That is, for argument´s sake, if FIDE didn´t decide for Iran to host the championship, women chess players wouldn´t be forced into wearing the hijab.
One may ask, but how is it that they talk about something as it is happening right now? It´s Journalese, the lingo of headlines.
In this way one can talk about one event that has not taken place yet, but he has a high degree of certainty. Or about one event that took place as it is happening now.
For example, in the following site it mentions the headline "“Ship sinks and leaves 300 deaths.” (the event has happened, but as it is recent the headline factual truth still holds, because the reader don´t know about the fact yet.) ... tense.html
Point #11

"Journalese" is a bit tricky sometimes, it grabs the attention of the reader, as it has happened right now; and it allow a faster reading of the news of the day. But then, sometimes it gets difficult or ambiguous, even natives admit that: ... journalese
And not all newspapers have an "Ombudsman" (take Folha de São Paulo and O Globo for example) or an "After The Deadline" section, as the New York Times.
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