Less-than-peak condition body - Tradução em português

Olympic-watchers of yore admitted upfront that open-mouthed staring was one of the core purposes of the games. In ancient Greece, the athletes were asked to march naked through the streets before the games began – it was a warmup exercise for the spectators, before the main event of watching them all compete naked, which (I would think) takes an incredible amount of concentration. The story is that the naked-sport tradition began when a runner's loin cloth fell off, and he appeared to go faster than the others. Wearing clothes came eventually to signify Barbarianism, or at the very least, shame in a less-than-peak condition body. We are nearing that situation today (after all the swimmers, didn't the judo women look overdressed? It was almost an insult to their skill how many clothes they had to wear)

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sandrom 3 11
Acho que nesse caso significa:

Menos que o máximo da condição do corpo. (Vergonha de uma condição do corpo que não atinge o seu máximo).
Carls 2 75
My suggestion:

in peak condition = numa forma excelente

peak condition body = um corpo numa forma física excelente
in a less-than-peak condition body = representa menos do que um corpo numa forma física excelente