Lot'll shift once the body's gone - Tradução em português

"Ambulance is two minutes away," said Detective Sergeant Eric Wardle, unintentionally answering his superior's question as he entered the tent with his mobile pressed to his ear. "Just been organising a space for it."
Carver grunted. His bad temper was exacerbated by the conviction that Wardle was excited by the presence of the photographers. Boyishly good-looking, with thick, wavy brown hair now frosted with snow, Wardle had, in Carver's opinion, dawdled on their few forays outside the tent.
"At least that lot'll shift once the body's gone," said Wardle, still looking out at the photographers.

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that lot will shift once the body is gone

that lot = those photographers
will shift = will move somewhere else (more interesting)
once the body is gone = once the interesting piece to photograph (the body) is removed

lot = group of people or things considered together