Cue loving applause - Tradução em português

the fumble gave Mrs Romney the opportunity to point out that although neither her sons nor her husband had served in the military, they had all served on church missions; she added that one of her sons is a doctor who treats military veterans. Cue loving applause from the audience.

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In the context of live performances and recordings, the verb "to cue" refers to giving a signal to do something as part of a planned sequence. E.g. "The director cued the actor to enter from stage left" (He gave a signal to tell him that now was the time to enter). And this also includes adding sound and lighting effects at the appropriate time. E.g. "The director cued the lights for the monologue scene."

In the context above, the audience applauded lovingly when Mrs. Romney said that one of her sons is a doctor who treats military veterans. "Cue loving applause" refers to a director's command. The author means that this reaction from the audience was expected, as if it were part of a prepared script.
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